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Tree tunnels are perfect examples of how nature can be shaped over many years by humans and other external influences. When paths and roads are carved into the ground, nearby trees bend outward into the new patch of light to receive more energy for photosynthesis. This process continues until the tree branches on either side completely overlap, forming a thick ceiling over the pathway beneath.
Take a stroll beneath these 9 natural tree tunnels

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Because no other dog can grin quite like it.

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Hey what school do you go to?
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The Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too

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I went to this book store and their books were wrapped up in paper with small descriptions so no one would “judge a book by its cover”

omg I love this

Where is this at?!?! O: 😍

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i am the world’s best dragon slayer. you ever seen a dragon round here? no? you’re welcome.

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TAKE ME TO CORGI BEACH MEETUP TOMORROW OR I WILL HAUNT YOUR SLEEP. #kuma_the_corgi #instacorgi #corgistagram #artsyphotofail

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Corgis in first grade

I’m not going to lie. I was super worried that the corgis would get stressed by all the kids. They love kids, but they’ve never been in a classroom of 20.

I was completely blown away. They had the time of their lives. They never once growled, tried to get away, or seemed scared or annoyed. They rolled over and let the kids rub their bellies. We went to different classrooms to teach kids how to interact with dogs. They showed off all their tricks, they were calm, and they seemed so happy. Their ears were down like excited little seals so I know that can be interpreted differently in photos. But trust me, they were thrilled. Ed shook hands with everyone in the class.

I home teach a student that is too sick to go to school. His sister was playing with the corgis and kept calling Ed, Egg and Ghibli, Jiggily. She danced with Ed and Ghibli. She also made them run in circles. The boy tried to ride the corgis. I’ve never seen those kids so excited. The only time the corgis misbehaved is when they tried to play ball with Ghibli. She popped their ball and then refused to give it back. Hey, a corgs gotta corg at some point right?

So awesome. This makes me happy on so many levels :) Yay Ed and Ghibli!! :)